JUST A GIGOLO: The Ballad of Owen Streich

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He was born with a fire inside him and it could only be quenched in one way.  But commitments were not for him, he was a player and his game was strong.

He knew what he wanted and he set out to get it.  His look said, “I know you want me, and the feeling’s mutual.”  For him the game wasn’t just for fun, it was a way of life.

It wasn’t just the clothes.  Fathers hurried their daughters inside when they saw his ride coming.  The vehicle practically oozed machismo, and sometimes conquests were made simply by driving by the right woman.

But it was “The Look”  that showed his true power.

You could see it in his eyes.  The intensity of his gaze was that of a hunter stalking his prey.  Once a lady caught his attention, he was as relentless as the most dangerous animals in the jungle.

Owen knew what it took to be a player.  He could be the suave, debonair, high class man about town or…

the charming, sweet, naive boy next door.  He was a chameleon, a master of disguise – he could tell with a glance what the ladies wanted and become that man, without missing a beat.

But it was expensive to lead that kind of lifestyle, and so he entered into the dark path of the gigolo. 

Lacking the know-how for starting this kind of enterprise, he enlisted the aid of his older brother, the criminal mastermind.  Matthew had grown from his evil beginnings (see Matthew’s Bad Habits) and was now the leader of a crime syndicate.

Despite his evil ways, Matthew doted on his younger brother and could refuse him no favor.  He took it upon himself to personally chauffeur Owen to every rendezvous, trusting that his reputation would keep the customers well behaved.  And since it was his brother he took a much smaller piece of the action than he normally would.

Owen became more and more obsessed.  He was always on the look out for a new conquest, his head turning to follow a skirt walking by.  Nights out with friends became little more than an excuse to prowl for someone new to warm his crib.

As time passed his addiction deepened.  He didn’t care who he hurt.  He seduced virgins, married women, he stole girls from their college sweethearts only to drop them when he got what he wanted.  He was indiscriminate, all he wanted was a warm body to sleep by his side.

Soon his indiscretions came back to haunt him.  Messing around with another man’s woman carries some risks, and sometimes you have to pay the penalty.  Being a lover and not a fighter did not work to his advantage in these situations, and so he payed the price for his decisions.

Soon all of the vices that go along with chasing loose women began to overwhelm Owen.  Alcohol became his only friend.

It was rare to see him without a drink in his hand or booze on his breath.  Before he could even walk, he was falling down drunk.  The life of a gigolo was a lonely one and so he drank to mask the emptiness.

Time Passed…

After hitting rock bottom Owen came crawling back (literally) to the arms of his loving family.  The loving bonds between them have helped rehabilitate this once troubled youth.  Although, sometimes, on some nights, you will notice his eyes following the silhouette of a women in the distance with a slightly wistful look upon his face.


Matthew and his friend Sebastian — Summer 2008

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Matthew eating his o-ball, summer 2008

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Matthew – just born

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Matthew flying around the living room — summer 2008

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Matthew – 3 weeks old!

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Matthew in New Hampshire — mid-July 2008

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Matthew’s 3rd bath — June 2008

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Videos from summer 2008 — Matthew’s first dip in a pool!

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What a great memory!

Matthew’s Bad Habits

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By Alfred Streich aka Dad:

While Matthew is generally a cute, funny, normal baby, we have noticed that he has started to pick up some bad habits.

It started with silly pranks like mooning the camera.


Then things started to get worse.

He started drinking,


and cigar smoking,


and reading inappropriate magazines.


If that was the worst it would have been ok, but then his attitude started to change.  We were outside and a car honked its horn and showing that he is a true New Yorker, Matthew proceeded to flip off the driver.


His attitude continued to worsen.  One day when we were changing his clothes we saw that he was covered in tattoos and holding what looked like drug paraphernalia.


Since we don’t leave him alone during the day he must be sneaking out at night to buy his drugs and get his skin inked.  We confronted him about it but he refused to talk.

As days passed we noticed a darker side to his personality.  He began to get violent.  First it was bare-knuckle boxing with other babies.


Then he started attacking family members with little or no provocation.


The level of the atrocities he was committing began to escalate.  He heard about how Ozzy Osbourne had bit the head off of a bat.  Not to be outdone Matthew immediately grabbed a baby duck and shoved its head into his mouth.


But nothing prepared us for the horror of his next escapade.  It appears that Matthew has joined a cult of cannibals.  Here he is (with fellow cult member Julien) attempting to devour Sebastian alive, while the other babies looked on with horror.


Luckily someone was there to stop them, but look at the rage on his face as his aims were thwarted.


We are beginning to become afraid.  In an attempt to sooth Matthew’s all consuming rage, we sat down to  watch the Star Wars films.  It was a terrible idea.  Matthew immediately identified with the dark side of the force and showed a disturbing aptitude for using the force to throw lightning.


We can only hope this is just a phase and that Matthew will grow out of his unholy ways.  Until then we will just have to hope that not too many innocents are harmed during Matthew’s evil rampages.